How to Setup a Webhosting?

Setting up a webhosting is never been easy, find out “How” in following simple steps.

Step 1: What and How?

For you to get your website available to the world to look at any time, you need a webhost or a webserver.

A webserver or webhost is a leased machine from a web hosting company, on which your web resides and can be accessible to world at all the time through the web.

For your web to be available to be hosted on a webserver or a webhost, you first need a domain name, which will allow people to access your website through the internet using your domain name.

A domain name is a network address through which people on the internet access your website e.g. or etc.

It is easier to get domain name from the webhosting companies, as these companies offer a bundle package including the domain name, webhosting and mailboxes etc. These packages are very good for starters who know less about setting up the webs.

Step 2: Kinds of Webs?

There are several kinds of webs that you can setup according the needs of your viewers or according to the material that you are putting for your viewers.

Basically there are two types of websites:

  1. Static
  2. Dynamic

A static website is a very basic and simple website. It can be setup very easily without the use of complex tools. A static website can be built by creating simple HTML pages and pushing them to a webserver. A static website has some limitations, you cannot make changes in the pages directly but you have to edit each page on your computer and push them on the webserver separately.

Dynamic websites are created on the real-time with web scripting codes like PHP or ASP. When a dynamic web is accessed, the webserver parses the code of the page and HTML is sent to the Web browser. This can be done using some web-application installed, this web application accesses your web through your computer and lets you easily edit or add content to your web. The software will also allow the users to leave comment on your webs and interact with you as well.

The popular web application include WordPress, Jomla, Drupal etc.

Step 3: Hosting Technology?

Basically there are two separate technologies which are used for webhosting depending on the specifications.

  1. Linux based Hosting
  2. Windows Based Hosting

Linux hosting which is also referred to as LAMP or Linux Apache MySQL PHP is the most commonly used web hosting system. Apache is a software that serves web pages over the internet using the HTTP protocol.

While Window Hosting which is also known as ASP hosting is a Microsoft technology for hosting web applications over the internet. This webhosting only supports the web applications coded through ASP. ASP hosting is specifically used hosting, so Linux is the more commonly used.

Step 4: Type of Web-Hosting Service?

There are multiple types of Web-hosting that are offered over the web, some are as follows:

  • Free Web Hosting or $1 Hosting is a shared hosting but includes lots of advertisements which cannot be removed and also are very slow.
  • Shared Web Hosting is the most commonly used web hosting which is cheaper and faster. In a shared hosting a large server is used on which several webs are residing of different clients. Each client has his own account through which they can access there webs.
  • Virtual Private Servers or VPS also uses a large server with several webs residing on it. In VPS the webs are separated from each other as if they are residing on separate servers. VPS are generally more secure than the shared web hosting.
  • Dedicated Servers is another kind of web hosting where there is a separate physical server dedicated to specific web. These web hosting are fast but with high price.
  • Cloud Hosting is now becoming more commonly used web hosting which is fast and also cheaper as well. Cloud hosting uses an array of server which are distributed using Load-balancing. Cloud Web Hosting has a zero downtime with high efficiency and low priced.

Step 5: Web hosting company

Once you have figured out what kind of website to develop, what kind of hosting technology to be used and what kind of web hosting service is to be selected, now you have to make a choice of what company is to be selected for web hosting.

A lot of companies offer bundle packages which include domain name registration, disk space, bandwidth etc. on different prices.

You must keep track of the following three aspects while selecting a Web Hosting service company:

  1. Performance or speed. To check the performance of a hosting company, you just need to visit a web that is already hosted on the hosting company service that you have selected.
  2. Uptime/Downtime. Uptime or downtime can be analyzed through user comments or reviews.
  3. Customer Service. This part is the hardest part to evaluate, as this is the most annoying aspect when you are using a company’s web hosting service and you need customer support.

The most important aspect while selecting a webhosting service company is price for most of the people. You should compare the services of the company and prices for a cheap, fast and efficient webhosting.