WordPress Development VS Joomla Development In A glimpse

There are a number of tools used to deliver different types of websites, from customized Content management systems like Joomla and WordPress to tailor made applications.  If you are thinking about developing a website for your business, you may be wondering which Content Management System is most suitable for you. WordPress and Joomla are two of the most widely used, open source Content Management Systems; each available for free download and use. However, the open source technology implies that the platform is under continuous improvement to support latest technologies.

Choosing the right CMS depends on your objectives, budget, technical expertise and what you require your website to deliver. WordPress development and Joomla development have a team of dedicated developers and communities who make it easier to spot free support and order a wide range of services to suit your requirements. Below is a comparison for a deeper insight into the difference between these top two Content Management Systems (CMS).


WordPress was launched in 2003 while Joomla was released in 2005. Since then, there have been more versions of WordPress and is expanding rapidly. According to statistics, WordPress is the most popular CMS with about 55% of the share in CMS market while Joomla has only 9%. WordPress development is more user-friendly, and does not require any technical knowledge, which is helpful for beginners. For a simple blog or content-driven site, WordPress could be the best choice, whereas Joomla may be a better choice for complex, static or corporate websites requiring complex content management.

Extended Functionality

There is different extension functionality for each CMS.  In fact, it all depends on the purpose of your websites. Most of the WordPress plug-in development is done for blog-type sites. Customized WordPress development can be done to the level of not looking like a WordPress site, while maintaining all attributes of it. However, Joomla offers a wide variety of extensions. Joomla has a relatively more intuitive structure than WordPress and is most suitable to build complex applications with its robust capabilities.

Themes and Templates

When it comes to theme and template development, WordPress and Joomla both have no real difference in the difficulty levels and offer an extensive number of plug-ins and templates to customize the system. Many vendors also supply templates for both the platforms. WordPress development is good for lighter designing, whereas Joomla offers more structure and content versatility than WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

Your business heavily relies on SEO. According to study, WordPress is considerably better for SEO as compared to Joomla. Though Joomla is not bad either, but it can quite a daunting task to get 100% right SEO done with it. The SEO friendly feature of WordPress comes from its outstanding collection of plug-ins, making your work much easier than before.

So, there is no specific evidence or facts to name one CMS as a winner.  Both the platforms have their own pros and cons and are good for certain reasons. Before choosing a CMS for your website development, it is recommended that you study the above mentioned factors, so as to get a clear insight into the benefits, capabilities and drawbacks of each CMS.

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