5 Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

If you’re running windows 10 and its running slow for you, then you’re reading the right article. In this article you’ll read the 12 quick ways to easily speed up the performance on your window 10 laptop or desktop PC. Some of these fit to help you out, if you’re in running in lower end mid-range system to reduce lad in gamming increase your boot time and improves your overall performance. These will all be system tweaks with no need to download any software or purchase any new hardware. SoftoLite brings all kind of windows updates and single click download software. Here are the top tips to speed up windows 10 performance.

  • Uninstall Programs

When you purchase a new computer, it sometimes is loaded with unwanted software often refer to as crapware and sometimes we install programs we no longer need. Getting rid of these programs will help because many programs load process when your computer is boated that can take up valuable RAM and CPU cycles. To uninstall these programs, let’s click on the start menu in the lower left hand corner, go to apps and find the programs you no longer want. You can only uninstall one program at a time. You can get all kind of PC software free download full version here.

  • Stop Startup Programs

Windows will launch several programs that startup so they’re available when you need them. The problem is that they can slow down your computer. To disable some of these programs from starting up, right–click on your taskbar select task manager select the startup tab at the top. If you find out a program that you don’t need to startup with windows launches, right-click it and select disable.

  • Power Settings

Windows 10 has a power saving plan, which will save energy but will also slow down your PC. So to fix it go back to settings select system in the left column select power and sleep. Now go to additional power settings. The system is currently set to power saver, other options are balanced which is recommended.

  • Transparency

The windows 10 see-through effect known as transparency is cool but does use a small amount of resources. To turn it off while in the setting menu, select home in the upper left corner then personalization in the left column select colors then scroll down and toggle off transparency effects

  • Troubleshooter

The windows 10 troubleshooter can help to find and possibly fix any issues that may be affecting your PC’s feed. For this one it’s best to go to the old control panel. SO search control panel in the Cortana bar then select security and maintenance then select troubleshooting the select run maintenance tasks and go to advance. Make sure, apply repairs automatically is checked. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done.